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A post from my phone

I’m trying out posting from the WordPress app on my phone. Exciting! Back in the days of my old blogs I was able to, so I’m sure now in these fancy times it should...

Looking up at some tall trees in a forest and it's in black and white 0

Look Up and See

Sometimes you’re walking along just looking straight ahead. Sometimes you need to look up and see what is up there. Sometimes it’s nothing, but other times it’s something. Something is good.

A view of the Trinidad sign on Simpson's Rest in Trinidad, Co 0

Trinidad Sign

The Trinidad sign in Trinidad, Colorado. It’s up on Simpson’s Rest on the north side of town. Looking down from there you can see the whole town below, with Fisher’s Peak in the distance...

a field of sunflowers with a view of fisher's peak in the background in trinidad,colorado 0

Welcome to me

Hello, I’m Bradley Gordon as you may have guessed by the website name, I’m just a guy who sometimes has some time to post things on the internet and that’s just what this...

beams of light inside the First National Bank in Trinidad,CO which is being gutted and reconstructed 0

Shining Bright

Trinidad, Colorado is undergoing quite a renovation, much like this old building is. It is the old Trinidad National Bank building, or as it’s better known the old Bank of the West building. Whatever...